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Our company’s founder and CEO was once a bankrupt single mom on food stamps due to job loss. Most companies talk the talk but our founder and CEO has walked the walk! She knows and understands that bad things happen to good people and is dedicated to helping others recover their good name and credit.


The staff  at Integrated Credit Specialists LLC and our partners are passionate about watching others succeed.  In order to do that, we know that education is key. When you work with Integrated Credit Specialists LLC, you have access to experienced professionals who continually review credit industry law and changes in order to provide you with up to date information about credit and how credit scores work and affect you.


Quality, Integrity, Excellence


When you work with ICS, you receive personalized service.  We know that each of our clients are unique and have different needs. It is important to Integrated Credit Specialists LLC and our partners that our customers receive personalized one on one service. And, that our customers are comfortable with our credit restoration process before enrolling in our program.  Our team uses proven strategies to help get you back on the road to credit worthiness.  Call us now to get started!


Proven Process (instead of “a continuing track record”)

Integrated Credit Specialists LLC is known throughout the nation as a leader in credit restoration, student loan debt relief, and business funding for individuals, business owners, and lending professionals. ICS has helped hundreds of our customers remove erroneous and false information from their credit reports, save thousands of dollars on student loan debt, and has secured thousands of dollars in funding for businesses from start ups to existing. We are able to work with our clients in all 50 states!

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